Zoochitecture is the world’s first mobile design studio with children as collaborators. It was created by artist Iza Rutkowska. Studio creates designs of buildings and public spaces. We start our process by asking: What animal is it? We play with blueprints of buildings we work in. For us, blueprints are maps which make it easier to move around the place and to find the right scale. That gives the children the sense of agency. Which is needed as kids’ opinions aren’t usually taken into account in the public space designing process. Together, we look for animal shapes in building layouts. We use their features to assign interactive functions to each space. And we make it real. By inviting more, also adults participants we “animalize” the space, we give personality to a place to make it feel different and be able to furnish it the way we like. Sometimes the changes are just mental, sometimes they grow into ful architectural change of the space leaded by energy of the inhabitants.